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peer assessment

We use an approach to peer assessment based on "Peer Points".

You will work in development/research teams. These teams will deliver work. Your team's work will be examined and awarded a mark.

Your mark and the marks of other members of your team will depend on your/their Peer Points.

Peer Points are allocated, by the team, to each of its members. There are 13 Peer Points in total so, for each piece of work, the Peer Points of all team members should add up to 13. Note that Peer Points can only be given in whole numbers, they cannot be halved, quartered or sub-divided in other ways. Note also that team member who make little or no contribution to work and receive no peer points will be awarded zero marks.

In some cases, tutors may levy a Peer Point penalty if the team requires significant help with their work and/or organisation. Teams will always be informed about this in advance and given the option whether to proceed with the help.

The following links give further information about the Peer Point system and its use in calculating individual marks.


staged feedback & work plans

For some modules we use a cumulative system of stage feedback. That is: you will receive feedback at a number of defined stages as you work towards your final assessment.

There will normally be 3 or more of these stages. The different stages and their requirements will be stated as part of your assignment specification. In most assignments you will gain some marks for completing the requirements for each fedback stage.

recording feedback

Tutors will make notes of their feedback for external examiners but you will be given feedback verbally. You must take notes of this feedback and include them as part of your final submission.

action plans

As well as documenting your feedback, you must use it to produce Action Plans. Action plans detail how you will respond to the feedback you have been given. Good action plans will outline...

sample documents

for the AI Applications module...

for the AI Programming module...