The main change in NLoops5 (for NetLogo-5) relates to the way method ownership is determined at run-time. The previous version of NLoops used an object context so a method call would be applied to the most recent object used. NLoops5 uses a turtle context so method calls are applied to the current turtle.

For most users who are associating objects with turtles this will be a more natural way to refer to methods (& instance variables).

It is possible to switch between different styles of method ownership as follows...

table:put #mop "method-owner" "who"         ;; turtle context ownership
table:put #mop "method-owner" "self"        ;; NLoops4 ownership

...this can be done at any time to switch between modes but will be reset to the new turtle-context default when #reset-objects is called.

NLoops5 also allows patches to spawn objects.

We are still improving things so please contact us if you have suggestions/comments.