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This page provides tools, downloads & resources for Clojure.



a fully-featured symbolic pattern matcher for Clojure which includes functions & macros to iterate patterns over collections of data, define methods which specialise on patterns and various other features.


breadth search

an implementation of a flexible and partially optimised breadth-first search mechanism in Clojure


A* search

an implementation of a flexible A-star search mechanism in Clojure


operator search

a simple, partially optimised implementation of a breadth-first search mechanism for applying simple STRIPS-style operators



a stack-based planning algorithm in Clojure for applying STRIPS-style operators



- the SHRDLU example used at ELS-2015 and Game On
- graphics run in NetLogo linked to Clojure via a socket
- all code is provided "as-is", it has not (yet) been tidied up for proper release
- check the README file for details